2015 Dodge Durango: Price, Specifications

Best New CarsCars 20152015 Dodge Durango: Price, Specifications

New 2015 Dodge Durango combines the features of a rugged SUV and a speedy crossover. The average rating of the car is 8,5.The first imagination of the vehicle is cool steering, excellent performance and feeling of reliability which comes from the new car model. The average car mark was based on the following ratings.

Review 2015 Dodge Durango:

  • The 2015 Dodge Durango exterior

2015 Dodge Durango body was redesigned – it looks like SUV, but more elegant. The front grille protects the car,adding it cool look, but does not “overweight” the vehicle. LED lamps and racetrack lighting illuminate th night road . Projector headlights let making video at night. The car has 20″ Dodge wheels.

  • Interior of the Dodge Durango

Leather seats which are very easy to take care about and clean may become felt too hot in Summer time, but Climate Control regulates the temperature inside the vehicle. 3 firm leather spacious seats on the back side are heated. The passenger can change the temperature himself. The front passenger seat can be bent so the back seat may be transformed into a place to rest. The space for driver’s legs can be regulated – the driver seat is adjustable.

  • Dodge Durango 2015 Specifications

The vehicle has got one of the best engines manufactured in 2014 – Pentastar V6 for 3.6L, which works on regular and unleaded gas and 8-speed automatic transmission. The new 2015 Dodge Durango, being a sport utility vehicle, has however a rear wheel drive. The car can place seven passengers. It has 4 doors and the back cargo door. The back-up camera ( rare view ) helps to avoid accidents and bumps.

  • Additional comfort

The car designed to make driving safe and comfortable – the steering wheel is heated and front seats are provided with additional ventilation. All seats are heated, so the driving is comfortable all year round. Audio system, bluetooth, navigation system and voice commands availability also add the pleasant feeling from using the car. Touchscreen display (8,4 inches ) makes makes the car operating faster.

  • Safety

Besides front airbags the vehicle is provided with with side airbags for the front seats and airbags for the back passengers. The park assist system will let the driver parking safely and does not touch any vehicle. SUV’s cameras control the traffic and blind-spots dangers. Fog lamps will help to avoid accident when driving under bad weather conditions. In case of unexpected situations which can happen, security alarm will work.

  • Fuel usage

With all its pluses, there is one thing the car designers should continue working at – its fuel usage. 18 miles on one gallon of gas inside the city and 25 outside it is the best result yet which the car showed. This specification has “spoiled” a bit the whole picture of a perfect car. Some 2015 Dodge Durango models showed even the lower results with 16 mpg fuel usage.

  • The price 2015 Dodge Durango

Depending on the model you will pay from $30,000 to $43,000. If you are not looking for optional car equipment, the car price will be not higher than $36,000.

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