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Ford has been manufacturing cool trucks for years, and F-150 model is already known for drivers, but new 2015 Ford F-150 is completely different. It can be called a revolutionary truck, as the car body is totally changed. Instead of heavy metals used before the car is built from heavy-duty aluminum. This changed the car weight and let it loosing hundreds of pounds. Ford company also added cameras and sensors to control driving, parking, blind-spots and have a good rearview. The front grill of the vehicle also has a small camera. The “little helper” makes parking in tight spaces easy.

The car exterior

This brand new 2015 Ford F-150 is all made from aluminum. Everything you will look at the car ( outside ) is made from this light metal. If you attentively look at the car mirrors you will notice they feature LED lights to illuminate dark road and blind spots and cameras. The truck has got a 360 degree viewing system and sensors on front and rear bumpers – these unique features make your parking safe, fast and easy. The nose of Ford is redesigned. All lights in front of the car are LED, and under the “Ford” front logo there is a small cam to help in driving and parking as well. The car”hides” a little pop-up ladder to help the car owner climbing inside the car (cargo part ). On the back of the truck there is also a little cam and parking sensors. The front door features the pad with buttons – in case you forgot your key you will open the car (if you know the code combination of course). So even looking at the car exterior you see this truck is lots of technology.


When you open the truck door the step to help yu get into the car isunfolded. You get it- the step is ‘”folded”. Coming inside 2015 Ford F-150, you can see the truck is very roomy. there is enough space for back passengers to sit comfortably inside the truck. The seats are heated, and each passenger can regulate it as he wants. Raise your head and you will see the full panorama sunroof – being on the back seat you can see the sun and the sky. All seats are adjustable, and there is a huge storage place between two front seats.


New 2015 Ford F-150 has got everything the modern vehicle may have. It has got a start button, air-conditioned seats, heated seats, climate control, full touch screen interface, entertainment system, navigation, and power port. On the dash the car features all digital controls


2015 Ford F-150 may come with 2,7 or 3,5 Eco Boost engines or 3,5 V6 and 5,0 V8 engines.

The fuel usage and HP

Depending on the engine type 2015 Ford F-150 combined MPG usage is 18-20. The best result in fuel economy showes 2,7L Eco Boost engine-26 mpg on a highway and 19 mpg inside the city. 5,0 L V8 engine is the most powerful one – 385 HP.

The car price

Depending on the engine and car features the cost of the vehicle may vary between $25,000 and $55,000. However, the “average” car price is about $30,000.

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