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The leader of american off-road performance cars is a new 2015 Ford Ranger. The truck combines all the best features of an on-road car and a 4-wheel. This pickup is one of the largest vehicles on the modern market by maximum capacity of people – the truck can accommodate seven persons at a time! As the vehicle referres to mid-sized pickups, and the body of a new model is shorter than the previous models have, 2015 Ford Ranger looks massive and extremely safe.


2015 Ford Ranger has a shorter cab than the previous models, and it is slightly smaller. The frame designed was changed to make the car movement more easy. The car body is made from alloy aluminum which makes its weight 700 pounds lighterthan it was before. LED lights correspond the modern design trends. In spite of the smaller size, new pickup has got an expanded interior space.

The car interior

The cab is designed for the most comfort of the driver. Like most of contemporary vehicles of high class 2015 Ford Ranger has cruise control, climate control and bluetooth. 360 degree camera will help driving safe, controlling everything what is going on either side of the vehicle, and behind it. My-Ford Touch system lets the driver synchronizing radio, audio system, navigation and so on. With the help of remote the car owner can release tailgate. There is enough space there even to place heavy loads including furniture. Home pets and cargo can be transported with the truck as well.

Performance and fuel usage

2015 Ford Ranger has a 2.5-liter engine making the car a powerful off-road (175 HP), but using less fuel with these characteristics. The car will run 29 miles on 1 gallon inside the city, and 33 miles on the same amount of fuel – outside it. For such a car this result is stunning – no doubt the new owners of the vehicle will appreciate the large fueleconomy while driving. Another cool feature of this Ford pickup is its extra safe driving. The vehicle will be produced in three operating modes.There will be Wildtrak ,4 x 4 and 4 x 2 variants available on the market. Both manual and automatic transmissions will be available.


For the first time, testing the cars for their safety, EuroNCAP system ranked 2015 Ford Ranger 5 stars! This is the highest mark witnessing about the best protective system which new Ford Ranger has. The high safety was reached by improving the car shape and design. For example, the grate design and form were changed. The vehicle also has airbags which will work exactly the same second any bump happens.

Although 2015 Ford Ranger can’t be called “elegant” as it is a pickup which can be referred to military vehicles even, both men and women will drive it with pleasure. The car price will be about $20,000 – 22,000. The truck is very reliable. It can be recommended to all categories of people, especially large families and those drivers who has to take often tools or assisting work stuff with them.

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