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The new 2015 Lincoln MKX is a luxury crossover sport utility vehicle for 5 passengers. The overall car rating is 8,5 from 10 possible points. The 2015 car model changed slightly – mostly interior was improved: nice leather and natural wood were added. The vehicle has got rich business-class interior, but it is not so powerful as it could be expected.

The car exterior

The vehicle has 4 doors and 18-22 inches wheels. The “Lincoln” logo is placed on the front grille. SUV has got front and rear LED lights. The car looks really stunning – gorgeous outside and inside. Those who love how the cars which add to their more respectability will love 2015 Lincoln MKX.


Spacious extra comfortable leather seats and dashboard with natural wood finish create the image of a business class car inside 2015 Lincoln MKX. Each seat is heated, and front seats are ventilated. The cabin is made of the best materials – the trim is aluminum or wood. The surfaces inside the car are soft to touch, and everything looks rich. A large cargo space is placed behind the rear seats.

The car features

The car owners mark excellent audio system with 10 speakers and cool DVD system of entertainment. The vehicle has got a voice command and MyLincloln Touch systems, which makes the maintenance of the car easy and pleasant. 2015 Lincoln MKX has got bluetooth and satellite connectivity as well. Optionally the car may have a camera of rareview, sensors of rear parking, monitoring of blind spot and some other useful features.


3,7 L 305 HP front engine lets the car speed up to 60 mph in 8 seconds . The car has 6 speed automatic transmission. The buyer can choose a front-wheel drive car model or a four-wheel vehicle.

Fuel Usage

Although the car attracts the customers with its stunning luxury look both inside and outside, beautiful design and good reputation of Lincoln company, the vehicle can’t be recommended for those people who want to save on fuel. The car “eats” pretty good amount of gas. The models with a front-wheel drive showed 18 miles per one gallon as a fuel usage result inside the city. The same cars managed to run 26 miles on 1 gallon of fuel on a highway. The all-wheel drive models had even lower results – 17/23 at the same road conditions. That is why if you do not live in a countryside, it is better to choose a front-wheel Lincoln car model.

Price of Lincoln MKX

The average starting price for this crossover is $38,900. However, it may depend on the model you choose and optional equipment you may order. If you order sunroof, voice command system, DVD entertainment system and other luxury options, the vehicle may cost you over $52,000.

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23 Photos of the 2015 Lincoln MKX

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