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The new 2016 Mazda RX7 is a sporty coupe which has got two seats and two doors and provided with a powerful rotary engine. The car manufacture has not yet started, but Mazda company suggests the period of the vehicle release will be the second half of 2016. There is no exact data concerning the look of the car and its specifications, but the following concept will be as follows.

The car exterior

Even if you are far from being a specialist in vehicles types and models, you can call it a sport car the same moment you will see the vehicle. Its shape, length and form say about the high speed of 2016 Mazda RX7. The car will have a streamlined form and a long hood – which are also features of fast speed sport cars. Spoke wheels will also differ the new sporty coupe from the cars on the road. New Mazda model will be very lightweight – aluminum body and wheels, and only 2 seats will “cut” extra pounds.

The car interior

The expected 2016 Mazda RX7 will be a vehicle designed for two persons – a driver and one passenger. It is not a family vehicle, that is why everything inside the car is going to be created mostly to satisfy the car owner needs and comfort. The low seat will be adjusted, and the steering wheel responce will be great. Mazda sporty car fans expect it will have comfortable seats – ventilated and heated depending on the season.

The engine

New 2016 Mazda RX7 will be a fast speed vehicle with a Skyactiv rotary engine. Mazda company is planning the car will have 300-350 horse power, and for such a lightweight vehicle, it will be more than enough. In 5 seconds the car speed will reach speed 60 miles per hour ( from 0 ). The new vehicle may be referred to high performance cars. As all RX Mazda models the new car will have the stunning driving performance.


The vehicle will have navigation system, climate control and cruise control. As for the exact specifications of audio system of the car, and number of cameras, and

Fuel economy

The powerful generator, producing at least 300 HP will contribute to the fuel economy. Although there were no tests made, new Mazda can be called a fuel economical car beforehand.

The car price

As 2016 Mazda RX7 is on the stage of development, there is no final cost announced. Mazda assured its clients the company will do everything not to let the new car become more expensive than the previous models. It is planned the price range will be the same with the latest model. Evidently, the new car will cost over $30,000, but less than $40,000.

It will be a new sports car for road driving, not for racing, created for those who love to feel confident at high speeds. This is mostly the model for men and for very sporty active women.

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20 Photos of the 2016 Mazda RX7

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