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Toyota Sienna was planned as a minivan for a large family with no special accent to its exterior and more comfort inside the car, but new 2016 Toyota Sienna was redesigned – it will have more contemporary, even futuristic look. Some modern features including new shaped grille will be also added. Mechanically new model is expected to be almost the same as a previous Sienna, 2015. The changes touched mostly its comfort inside and updates outside.


The car is very nice – this is a vehicle for the family, for people who go with the times, know what fashion is and love comfort. Some more chrome will be added, and taillights are planned to be redesigned. The vehicle will get more aggressive look – it will influence the truck performance as well. The updated 2016 Toyota Sienna it is the car for long comfortable journeys, family events outside, even resting and travelling.


The cabin will become even more comfortable than it was. Besides its nice look, it is convenient for everybody who sits in the car – driver and each passenger. The seats will become more spacious, they will stay adjustable – for changing the body position easily. The space for cargo will be also added as it has become almost a family tradition – each time taking more stuff when travelling.


Before navigation system was a car option. In 2016 Toyota Sienna it will be included initially. Free Wi-Fi, bluetooth and radio connectivity, DVD system will entertain all family members during the road trip. Climate control will become more economic. Each passenger will regulate the temperature himself ( herself ). All seats are heated and front seats are ventilated.


Being a truck for family, 2016 Toyota Sienna will have everything to feel safe even on then bad roads and under difficult weather conditions. Each seat has airbags to protect a driver and a passenger in case of an accident or even a bump. Bllind-spot system will help avoiding an accident or an uexpected bump.


New 2016 Toyota Sienna will have the same 3,5L (V6) engine under its hood, which is able to produce 266 horse power. The transmission will be automatic ( 6 speed ).

Fuel usage

The car is pretty large and heavy and constructed for the family needs while travelling. That is why 2016 Toyota Sienna fuel economy is no so good as it could be. The new vehicle will not have a lot of changes in engine system. That is why the same result of gas usage is expected. 18 miles the car will go using one gallon of fuel inside the city, 25 miles – on the highway and 21 mpg is its combined result.


Depending on the options the new car owner will choose 2016 Toyota Sienna will cost him from $29,000 to $42,000.

The date of release

Toyota Sienna fans have been expecting the new 2016 model to appear in summer, 2015, however, the release event may move on later date.

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