2016 Toyota Supra release date

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In 2014 the Toyota introduced two concepts such as the Toyota FT-HS and Toyota FT-1, the first of which will be the fundament of a new 2016 Toyota Supra. At the moment there is not very much data about this legend of the Japanese automotive industry but it is possible to estimate its futuristic appearance on photos and videos, which became available after the official presentation of the 2016 Toyota Supra.

It is understandable that the presented concept will not necessarily fully be implemented in mass production. However it would be liked by great number of motorists from over the world. Judging by the photos the size of the clearance it is minimal. It is so small that the minivan by its bottom just touches the covering of the floor in the presentation room. Imagine what will happen to such a low car as 2016 Toyota Supra when it rides on the not very high quality roads.

There is no sense to talk seriously about the technical characteristics, because now it is not known what the Japanese will decide about the suspension, brakes and other mechanisms. The only information is available and it is about the engine taht must be installed on the new Japanese car 2016 Toyota Supra. One hundred percent it will be hybrid. It follows from this that for sure there will be the gearbox automatic and maybe there also be the robotic automatic transmission.

It is extremly clear that the fuel consumption will be minimal. Japanese have installed the 20-22 inches wheels on the auto to solve the issue of its economy. Also it was essential to work on the creation of non-standard tires for this vehicle. Today we can only enjoy the appearance and interior of this “Japanese”. The front part is decorated with narrow headlamps that have very original form. Very unusual hood of 2016 Toyota Supra blends in with an interesting front bumper. The radiator grille is simply not available, because the electric motor on the front of the car doesn’t need it. Side and stern of the vehicle simply discourage by the number of complex lines and elements those are designed to ensure the highest possible aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

The interior of the new generation of 2016 Toyota Supra is two-placed. The chairs are sports and drastically different in color from the complete presentation of the car`s interior. The chair of the driver is performed as a separate area resembling the cockpit of a real spaceship. The dashboard looks particularly effectively. All devices on it placed in very unusual way.

In recent years the manufacturers have finally begun to delight consumers with interesting developments that may soon complitely change the whole concept of the global automotive industry. The Japanese understand that perfectly therefore they try to keep up with the times and proactively develop amazing and advanced vehicles.

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24 Photos of the 2016 Toyota Supra release date

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