Toyota Tacoma 2016 Review: Price, Engine

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The new 2016 Toyota Tacoma has an updated look, and seems more elegant than a usual mid-size truck. Toyota fans mentioned the similarity between the tailgate of the new model and Toyota Tundra tailgate. As the new model has been worked at in USA, it could influence its design and exterior. As in comparison with Japanese designers USA specialists prefer everything larger (especially in TX),it may influence the final look of the new vehicle. However, the main aim of the vehicle designers will be achieved – new Toyota will be extra safe, more speedy and more roomy.

Review Toyota Tacoma 2016

  • Exterior

The new 2016 Toyota Tacoma will have more square shapes than the previous model. It will get a renewed hexagonal grille, which some specialists already found “too heavy”. However each feature or function serves to improve the truck safety. The hood will be also taller than it was. If you look at the car from behind, it will be easy to mix it with Toyota Tundra – the tailgate is almost its “twin”.

  • Interior and features

More leather and soft to touch materials were used. Touchscreen will let the driver choosing AM, FM, XM, USB, bluetooth or CD functions. New navigation features will help the car owner to find easily his way. Each seat of 2016 Toyota Tacoma is wide enough not to sit comfortably only, but change the body positions: all seats are adjustable.

  • Engine and performance

The expected 2016 Toyota Tacoma will have a 6-cylinder engine 3,5 L with gas direct injection.These changes are made to increase the fuel economy and better performance of the car. The driver may choose 6-speed automatic transmission or manual transmission ( six-speed as well). The powerful engine will help the off-road truck to pass through the difficult roads, mud and snow. The future car owner may also choose between a rear or four-wheel drive vehicle engine options.

  • Safety

The new car option will be blind-spot monitors, helping to avoid most unexpected situations on the road, when a driver can’t see an approaching car or an object in a blind-spot. It was not mentioned yet if 2016 Toyota Tacoma has a rearview camera, so it is a guess only. But as an option, such a ‘helper” may be recommended to all truck owners. Airbags system remains the same – in emergency or a bump the air bags will be opened automatically from either side and protect people. Crawl Control will help the driver to feel safe even on the worst road.

  • Fuel usage

The car will be lighter than the previous model, and the engine will be changed, but it won’t influence dramatically to the fuel economy function. It is expected the average result of 17 mpg inside the city, and 21-on the highway.

  • Price

Toyota Tacoma 2015 rating was not as high as the company expected – the average mark did not rise higher than 7 points, but the model was not pricy. The previous model is available on the market for approximately $20,000. Some options added and changed engine may raise the price of the new car.

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