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In 2017 BMW will celebrate its first century, and new luxury 2017 BMW M2 will open the second “epoch” of the vehicles the company manufactures – contemporary, futuristic looking, ultra fast and… expensive. The company has been producing different cars, but it has become popular through its sport -“M” vehicles. The letter begins the word “Marvelous” which is the best explanation of this line. Speedy, nice looking, stylish – the cars of “M ” series may even show the level of a car owner’s education, its attitude towards life and in a way – character. The new car which will make happy BMW fans and lovers of sport cars, is expected to have the improvements the company has been working at for years.


The expected 2017 BMW M2 will be perfect for racing. As any real sport car, it has a low stance, which adds the vehicle speed as well. Having two doors, new BMW is spacious enough to let four persons in. Leaning the front seat close to the driver’s place, the passengers will easily reach the back row. The car body will be almost 5 inches shorter than M3 and M4 models have. The vehicle will be lighter than the previous models.


The car inside will have an absolutely sporty look as well. It will touch low seats and its sport steering wheel. New model will have a carbon-fiber roof. The cabin surfaces and upholstery arewill be made from alcantara – artificial stuff reminding leather, made from polyester and polyurethane durable and being able to last for years without fading. Aluminum stylish trim adding the car contemporary look, won’t let 2017 BMW M2 to be overheated.

Engine, power and speed

3.0 L S55 power engine will provide up to 400 HP, making 2017 BMW M2 fast and powerful vehicle. The new car owner, buying the vehicle, will have to choose between a six speed manual transmission variant and 7-speed auto clutch. The company specialists affirm designing the car and making its engine they try to keep balance between the weight of the vehicle and its speed. There is no exact data concerning the expected speed which the new M2 may reach, but BMW promissed its clients the a very fast sport car with a very low fuel usage. The manufacturer speaks about 37-38 mpg on the highway.


As 2017 BMW M2 final design and features are under development, which equipment the car will have is not yet known. It is supposed that the “must” will be touchscreen, USB support, radio and bluetooth connection. As an option the future owner can choose a camera of rear view and other specs.


M series cars are expensive. Some models reach $80,000. The new 2017 BMW M2 won’t be an exclusion.The expected price of the vehicle will be about $60,000. The exact price will be known when M2 appears on sale. M series fans have to wait. Supposing nothing is going to happen with prices on the cars market, the new sporty vehicle will be pretty expensive, but extra fast and simply perfect for speed lovers.

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