2017 Renault Megane 4: Specs, Interior, Price

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Exterior decoration

Megane 2017. Looking at the pictures from the Internet, we may easily say that the exterior of the Renault Megane 2017 will be the most similar to the appearance of the flagship of the company Renault Talisman. What makes it different from the last modification is a false radiator grille — it is much bigger in new car. Also we can see modified bumpers, upgraded front lighting and more attractive spoiler. Rear optics makes new Megane at some point similar to the Audi. The car has received a sloping roof line and the rear overhang with precise parameters. Hood cover has the original ribs throughout the area.

The interior of the new car

Unfortunately, there are not many pictures of the five seats interior in the Internet. There is information that the interior will get a new seat, an advanced instrument panel, and the display of seven inches will be placed vertically. The control panel itself is made of analog and digital indicators. In the maximum configuration, the car will be equipped with a nine-inch high quality touch screen. And the salon will be furnished with more expensive materials. What is notable that the plastic in the car will be much softer than in the previous version of the car, and also more resistant to sunlight. The cabin of car has a great noise- and soundproofing. The equipment includes airbags, ABS, camera, special fixing for mounting the child seat. Based on the above data, the main competitors for 4-th generation of Megane can be considered the updated Peugeot 308, KiA Ceed, Ford Focus, Toyota Prius.

Overall parameters of the new car

The manufacturer has published information which states that: the wheelbase of the model was increased by 28 mm and now is 2,671 mm. This change has provided customers with more free space; the height of the car became 25 mm less which makes it equal to 1,446 mm; rear and front wheels increased in width by 39 and 47 mm, which is 1,586 mm and 1,591 mm.

Technical parameters Renault Megane 2017

The car was designed based on CMF-CD platform that also underpins many modern cars. In addition, there is information that the most experienced engineers of Nissan helped to implement this platform in Megane2017. It is expected that the new car will be equipped with 130-horsepower 1.2-liter turbocharged power which works with diesel fuel. In addition, diesel units with a capacity of 130 HP and 110 HP will be available for this model. We should remember that a “charged” version of the car with a 220-horsepower engine will be created as well. Also, it is necessary to say that the fourth generation of Megane has the technology Multi-Sense, which offers five modes: ECO, Perso, Comfort, Normal, and Sport. The sport GT version has a mode R. S., which replaces the ECO. In general, we can say that this technology allows the driver to configure the mode accordingly to his driving behavior.

The price and specifications Renault Megane 2017

Megane 2017., A sport GT version of Megane will be available for the most sophisticated and demanding clients from the beginning of sales. It will be equipped with beautiful disks for wheel size to 18 inches, blue color of the body, redesigned modified front kit with larger air intakes, a completely different a false radiator grille, strokes that feign the darkened metal and chrome tips on the exhaust pipes. Speaking about the technical equipment of the GT, we can say that only this version will have 205-horsepower engine. In addition, it has fully-controlled 4Control chassis (first time for this car whenever, and for the first time for this class of cars), which Renault Laguna had tested six years ago. In addition, sports version will be equipped with enhanced brakes and a stiffer suspension with upgraded shock absorbers and springs. Also we expect for hybrid modification of the fourth generation Renault Megane in the updated body next year. Noteworthy is that the car will consume about three liters of fuel at a distance of 100 km. According to the rumors, the price for the new car will start from 12,000 USD. I would like to remind that the current generation of this car is offered with three powertrains to choose from: 104 HP, 114 HP, and 137 HP. The cost of the basic version equals to 815,000.

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