2019 Toyota Supra Review: Prices, Spy Photos

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Japanese iconic sports car will get back after two decades

If there’s a vehicle included on almost every list of “the greatest enthusiasts car ever” it’s certainly the legendary Toyota Supra. This compact two-door sports car was originally created as an ambitious response to the Z vehicles coming from rival Datsun. Eventually, it evolved into a special beast with a cult-like following. After years of speculation and dreaming, it feels like the fresh Toyota Supra is nearly official. With the car maker having presented the FT-1 concept in 2014 as well as with sporty prototypes caught on the road since 2016, we can ascertain that the next-gen Supra isn’t far from becoming real.

The vehicle still boasts the new LED headlights we observed last time, while the rest of the car’s body has remained untouched with the exception of the rear lights – they’re currently official LED production units. In the corners they have a rounded triangle layout, which leads into a single strip of LEDs shooting inward toward each other.

In spite of the fact it’s been more than a year since the first prototypes found themselves on public roads, the approaching Supra has yet to get rid of any camouflage. Of course, in 2017 the body obtained a great number of updates, although Toyota isn’t rushing to remove the intriguing wrap. There are many details to notice. For instance, let’s pay attention to the headlights once again. Just see – they’re full LED units. As follows from this, there aren’t any halogen bulbs and HIDs. This stuff looks stylish enough, with up to three upper as well as lower LED units, while a headlamp assembly is a bit recessed into the car’s nose.

Things are definitely getting more dramatic above, as we see the trunk lid features a massive spoiler. Compared to the one used on the previous-gen Supra, it’s not a wing like. However, it greatly contributes to the overall aggressive look.

2019 Toyota Supra Review:

Top Speed Toyota Supra 2019:

  • Top Speed: 186 mph (Est.)
  • 0-60 time: 5.5 sec. (Est.)
  • body style: coupe


  • Interior

Although our reporters managed to get some hot shots of its cabin, unfortunately, the huge amount of camouflage doesn’t let us get a substantial glimpse of what’s in store. At least we can say that the instrument cluster as well as steering wheel, which visible, can hardly be in the final, production-ready stage.

By the way, the car’s instrument cluster has turned to be analog. It’s not up-to-date as you would expect in such cars. Perhaps, the final display isn’t ready. If you’re more pessimistic you might even suggest that the cutting-edge car will feature an analog cluster. Maybe a digital unit will be available a bit later.

Most likely you won’t find the steering wheel exciting enough to look at. Well, it doesn’t come with a flat bottom, although it has some chrome as well as aluminum-look touches. Additionally, we can observe some of the clean center stack in addition to the A/C vents on top. As for the latter, we see something rectangular and somewhat old-fashioned. Nevertheless, it perfectly fits the rest of the layout.

The final detail of the interior we can’t overlook is the huge infotainment display on top of the dash. It’s definitely a considerable drift from the Toyota norm. That’s all we can say about the cabin, the rest is still a mystery.

  • Drivetrain

As for the drivetrain, it still remains the most intriguing part of the upcoming Supra. There’s a big buzz about a V-6 hybrid system, which is considered to be the most probable candidate for the car. Its likelihood is underpinned by the first spy video of the vehicle, in which the mighty roar of a V-6 and also the whirring sound of an electric motor can be clearly heard when the gas pedal is stepped on.

  • Prices

In the USA, pricing for the fresh Supra is expected to start from $40,000. However, the hybrid version will be probably worth $50,000.

It’s possible Toyota will reveal the 2019 Supra at the Tokyo Motor Show this year.

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