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British premium segment car maker Bentley Motors unveiled official photos of its new star, the conceptual Bentley Grand Convertible 2015. Built on the basis of Bentley’s legendary sedan Mulsanne, the new open-shell car is expected to be an ideological successor of the Azure Convertible.

The astonishing Grand Convertible 2015 came before the public at the Los-Angeles Car Show. The large convertible sports paint coating in a unique shade called Sequin Blue. The lengthened front end and enlarged windscreen struts also feature a distinctive color of liquid metal.

Under the hood, the Bentley Grand Convertible 2015 has a V8 6.75-liter engine – same as in the Mulsanne Speed Sedan. The power unit generates 537 hp and a torsion torque of 1100 Nm, working perfectly with the 8-speed automatic transmission. The car manufacturer has not yet specified the dynamic characteristics of its new super car. However, they are expected to math the dynamic properties of the Mulsanne Speed, which takes run from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 s and reaches a max speed of 305 km/h.

The Bentley Grand Convertible 2015 interior features a luxurious trim in beige leather with blue Bentley logos stitched on the head cushions of front seats. The curtain of the rear compartment that hides the retractable top is handmade from walnut wood veneer. Bentley looks forward to the reaction of potential buyers to this luxury car, positioning it as the most sophisticated open-top car the company ever made.

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21 Photos of the Bentley Grand Convertible 2015

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