BMW X7 2019 Review: Release, Price, Specs

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The German company BMW dreamed about the model that will compete with SUVs worldwide.

Lately, customers get more and more interested in SUVs, therefore requirements increase. Range Rover has a large sale in China, Mercedes GL brings good money to the German automaker in USA, Audi Q7 increases sales every year, and soon we will see the SUV from Bentley.

The market needs large luxury SUVs, and in 2019 the one should appear – a seven-seater SUV BMW X7.

BMW X7 review

  • Design

According to sources, BMW and Rolls-Royce are working on SUV for two years. In 2013 the world was plunged into a major economic crisis, and the company has realized that it was bad time to announce the production of a new model. But it was developed and tested on different platforms, working on many types of engines and even received the code name F17.

It is obvious that the automaker will try to outdo his rivals with all possible methods. Every day there is more information about the new product, and it is clear already that the BMW X7 will be a chic and grandiose, and it will weight more than three tons.

Design of X7 was entrusted to developers from the United States, and the technical part was made by Germans. This all was done to meet preferences and desires of the customers.

  • Interior

As automaker promised, the BMW X7 will be more luxurious than the sedan of 7 series. And its large cabin space will allow accommodating 7 persons, and even luggage.

We also learned that the production of ultra-luxury version with four seats is expected.

  • BMW X7 Specifications

It is worth noting that BMW has wasted no time in the past two years. At this time, BMW remade rear-wheel drive platform “З5uр” for 3, 4, 5, and 7 series, as well as for X3, X4, X5 and X7, and of course X7. The name “З5uр” was replaced by the HPLC lately; we will see this platform on the BMW X7. It uses a large amount of aluminum, high-strength steel, magnesium and carbon-reinforced plastic CFRP.

The BMW X7 will get the suspension and chassis of the new X5 and X6, although there may be also the option with rear-wheel drive and intelligent all-wheel drive system XDRIVE.

The engine range SUV will include the TwinPower Turbo engines with six and eight cylinders, there will be also a hybrid propulsion system. The top model will get a 6.0-liter engine V12, which is mounted on BMW 7th series. With this unit it will not be economical SUV for sure.

  • BMW X7 Price and release date

Nowadays, BMW X7 is known as the G07, and its release date is scheduled for 2019. Annual production should reach 45 thousand cars. The price of the SUV in the base picking will start at the level of 130 thousand euros.

The car will be assembled at the plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. About $1 billion will be allocated for these purposes.

The lucky ones, who will be able to purchase a BMW X7, will appreciate the technical characteristics and power of the car, along with a luxurious equipment and design. The BMW X7 is the most anticipated crossover.

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