Ford Galaxy 2015

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Ford has changed the perception of modern minivans. It combines contradictory properties, handling and passenger comfort, and superb dynamics, that is appreciated among advanced drivers. You can also mention a very functional design and high-quality interior trim. Ford Galaxy 2015 is a very spacious car with seven seats, which opens up huge possibilities for transformation.

Safety in Ford Galaxy 2015 is provided by protection system IPS. The body is made of very hard steel, air bags and automatic stability control system.

The highlight of Ford Galaxy 2015 is 203-strong Turboatom engine and diesel engines in 115.140 and 163 HP. This motor is very quiet and has great acceleration even when car id loaded. You can still note the low fuel consumption. It’s smooth and precise gear is presented by mechanical robotic gearbox Powershift.

The settings of the chassis are ideal for long trips. The suspension is very soft, but at the same time does not spoil the car’s handling. The suspension can be set by selecting one of the modes – Sport or Comfort. Names fully correspond to the obtained effect.

Restyling changed the design of Ford Galaxy 2015 in the direction of greater durability. Ford Galaxy 2015 is already close to perfection. The only thing it lacks is all-wheel drive.

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20 Photos of the Ford Galaxy 2015

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