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2015 Honda Accord has been presented not long ago. Sedan got the retouched appearance, slightly modified interior as well as a list of new equipment. But a completely new powertrain line is the most important thing. You can identify the appearance of the novelty Honda Accord 2015 by a brand new pretty massive grille that designers have done in the style of Honda Crosstour. It is good if you look closely, you’ll notice a small, but the difference in the appearance of the bumpers in comparison with the previous version. But if you look closely you’ll notice a slight difference in appearance of bumpers compared to the previous version. However this difference is very indiscernible.

Reissued new front seats can be seen in the cabin of Honda Accord 2015. As the company said Honda`s seats became safer they reduces the possible risk of injury of the spine, neck if some moron suddenly drive in the backside of your car. In addition now the parking brake (handbrake) was replaced by the developers on a cute button of its electronic fellow

As for additional equipment the tracking function “blind” zones, adaptive cruise control and a system that will help to prevent frontal collisions should be noted there. But the most global innovations, as we said above, are hidden from view under the bonnet!

As we are reported by the technical characteristics of Honda Accord 2015, petrol four-cylinder unit, volume of which is 2000 cc was taken as the base engine sedan. This engine was borrowed from the SUV Honda CR-V and it generates 150 horse power (190 Newton-meter). Intermediate version is presented, as it was before, with the engine with a displacement of 2400 cm3, which received direct fuel injection and this enables it to squeeze out performance with a 180 hp to the current 188-horsepower.

V-shaped “six” capacity of 249 horsepower and a volume of 3,000 cubes from the option of the sedan for China engineers took up the masthead unit. This “six” has a feature that allows it to turn off half the cylinders when there is no need in their work. A unit works in a tandem with dedicated six-automatic transmission. In conclusion it is worth adding that to the big disappointment the top-end engine V-shaped “six” with volume of 3500 cm3 and capacity of 281 horsepower was dropped from the lineup. Nevertheless someone will like it.

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26 Photos of the Honda Accord 2015

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