BMW X3 2018: Specifications, Modifications

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The Bavarian firm officially presented the midsize crossover of the third generation. Sales start in the fall.

BMW X3 Review

  • BMW X3 Specifications

In comparison with the predecessor new BMW X3 has grown almost by all key sizes: the wheel base has increased since 2810 to 2864 mm, length — from 4657 to 4708 mm, width — since 1881 to 1891 mm, and height was reduced by 2 mm only — since 1678 to 1676 mm. It is curious that the third generation “X – the third” has surpassed even “X – the fifth” the first generation which has 2820 mm between axes, and length is 4667 mm, in the defining class parameters, wheel base and length.

It is connected to the fact that, firstly, automobile classes in general tend to growth, and, secondly, with need to distance X3 from younger X1 which after moving on the UKL platform with a cross arrangement of the power unit strongly added in a scope and began to take away buyers at “X of the third”.

Respectively, it is possible to expect that the following, the fourth generation of X5 will become much larger as well.

Changes in the appearance have evolutionary character. The simplest way to distinguish new X – the third from old version is by its front: the headlights are visually separated from the company nostrils which became larger now, and fog lights are not round, but extended, hexagon, light-emitting diode.

The body is perfectly optimized in terms of aerodynamics: сх = 0,29 (there were 0,36 earlier). Weight distribution is ideal — 50:50. The equipped weight in comparison with the predecessor is reduced by 55 kg. The volume of a luggage compartment didn’t change and varies in the range from 550 to 1600 l. A road gleam — 204 mm.

Less massive meter panel In the interior now with the 10,2-inch tablet of multimedia system which is sticking out of the central extension housing which can be steered by gestures.

The color projective display, a virtual 12,3-inch guard of devices, three-zonal climate control, an interactive key gadget of BMW Display Key and some other inaccessible before options will be offered for the surcharge.

The air suspension is still not allowed for the “X-the third”, it is possible to order only adaptive shock-absorbers or a sports M-suspension bracket for the surcharge.

  • BMW X3 modifications

On start of sales in fall of this year new BMW X3 will be available in three versions: petrol M40i (360 h.p.) and diesel xDrive20d (190 h.p.) and xDrive30d (265 h.p.), all gear boxes — the 8-staged hydro mechanical automatic machines.

The petrol xDrive30i version (252 h.p.) will be showed up closer by new yearx, Drive20i –  (184 h.p.) and sDrive20i with the back drive will appear in the spring of the 2018th. The last is intended for the American market, it won’t be offered in Europe and in Russia.

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