Nissan Rogue 2015: Interior, Engine, Price

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New Nissan Rogue 2015 is on the second place among top ten affordable compact SUVs and it is fifth among affordable crossover SUVs. Which features and specifications have made the vehicle so popular? As the car does not refer to expensive vehicles, is popularity is in its economy. New Nissan uses only one gallon of gas for 33 miles of highway and in the city this amount of fuel is enough to cover 26 miles. The car really looks very compact and rather simple, but it has got all advantages of a contemporary vehicle for everyday driving.


New Nissan Rogue 2015 represents the 2nd generation of Nissan’s SUVs. Comparing it with the model of 2014, it is difficult to find serious changes, but they exist. The customers find the new version of Nissan very attractive. Its proportions have changed becoming close to :”right size”. The car has got LED daytime lights, even the base model. “Nissan” logo is fixed to the front grille of the car,all wheels also have the logo on each one. The car body is 2 inches wider than the previous model, and this feature gives it more substantial look. The car can place 5 passengers and it has 4 doors.


Stepping inside Nissan Rogue 2015 you will see that it has a “typical” Nissan cabin. Everything is compact, but convenient. The steering wheel is covered with high quality leather. The seats upholstery is also made from leather. Spacious storage place between 2 front seats may be used to keep there any stuff you may need on your road. There is enough space for the back passengers also to seat well, but cargo space takes much room and a part of a back passengers'”territory”. However, spacious cargo area makes new Nissan Rogue 2015 an ideal vehicle for travelling and shopping. There is even a cargo place underneath the floor. You can open the lid and place there heavy luggage.


The information screen is pretty clear – everything is readable. On the bottom of Nissan Rogue 2015 dashboard you have hard materials, and the top of the dash is soft. The 7 inch touch screen display is a part of the car’s navigation system. The touch screen includes Nissan mobile apps – Facebook and Google search, you can use it to view the car cameras which are hidden underneath the side mirrors, in front of the vehicle, on the back side of the car. It’s cool feature will let you even ownloading video when you are out of the car. Returning to you SUv you can display what was going around your Nissan when you were out. Everything is included – USB, bluetooth connectivity, FM radio.

Engine, safety, fuel usage

Opening the car you will see a 2,5 L engine ( 4 cylinder ) providing the car 170hp. The car is called one of the most safe vehicles among compact small sport utility vehicles. As it was mentioned above, the fuel usage is very low. 33 miles of a good road or highway will need only 1 gallon of fuel.


Depending on the package the car price varies from $ 21,000 to $28,000.

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