Peculiarities of the new model Jaguar XE 2015

Best New CarsCars 2015Peculiarities of the new model Jaguar XE 2015

Jaguar XE 2015 is one of the most popular cars thanks to many accessories. It is equipped with a number of modern electronics that allow person to be connected with the outside world and turn every trip into pleasure. For example, it has the multimedia system InControl with 8-inch touch screen. With applications Jaguar InControl Apps users can easily access the application on their phone, using the touch screen car to do any action: to organize a conference call or to find a place to park.

In addition, the new model Jaguar has a variety of advanced driver assistance systems, for example, the head-up display on the windshield. This is the new projection system, that provides clear high-contrast images in color on the windshield. With this technology, the driver knows the speed of the car and has a navigation directions staying focused on the road.

The body material of Jaguar XE 2015 consists of more than 75 percent of aluminum, which is higher that in any other car in its class. Thats why, the weight of the body is extremely easy. The material is lightweight, but it is incredibly durable with very high torsional rigidity.

This model has perfect driving performance, excellent handling and steering efficiency. Also Jaguar XE 2015 has integral link rear suspension, double wishbone front suspension, system electric power steering (EPAS) and system for adapt to the road surface (ASPC). This model will be great car with ultramodern technologies for everyone.

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24 Photos of the Peculiarities of the new model Jaguar XE 2015

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