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The automaker from Japan, following the well-known saying “there is no limit to perfection”, makes a new list of updates for Subaru Outback 2015 model year. A car with four-wheel drive and practical universal capacity for the delivery of passengers or cargo to the destination, debuted on the car exhibition in New York.

Being a wagon-crossover fifth generation, Subaru Outback 2015 became more graceful in appearance, smaller fuel consumption and safer. Subaru Outback 2015 is offered with a choice of two reciprocating engines with a volume of 2.5 or 3.6-liter, four and six cylinders, respectively. Subaru Outback 2015 develops 175 l/s at a flow rate of 8.4 l/100 km, with a slight increase in power, it is talking about reducing consumption by 0.6 litres with every hundred kilometers. Version 3.6 R is also added with power up to 256 l/s, with a flow rate of 10.7 l/100 km. The major merit of Subaru Outback 2015 is performance and efficiency of fuel use in the optimized transmission Lineartronic CVT, electric power steering and improved performance aerodynamics.

In addition to completion of the body of the car, it includes active grille shutters which at speeds close, eliminating unnecessary resistance to the oncoming air flow. The design of the updated models received new, 6-coal grille, new headlights and a lightweight aluminum hood. The dimensions and proportions of the body are slightly changed.

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