Tesla Model X 2018 – it’s the safest SUV © Tesla

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There are different reasons to try out Tesla Model X 2018, including the incredible speed of this electric car without any engine. It’s a car of the future because of its fast speed and compatibility with family needs.

How does it drive?

tesla model x specs seating engine

It’s silent, smooth, and lights, so drivers feel that they’re in a rocket-ship instead of a road vehicle. Tesla goes up to 100km/h in only 3.1 second, and overtaking is very easy. Drivers can be supremely confident on the road because of its silence and size. There’s no engine, so no loud noise or growl. Feel free to engine your all-around driving experience that feels amazing. Consider such innovative features as regenerative braking because it automatically cuts the power when you take foot off an accelerator. Drivers barely need to use brakes, thus saving a lot of power. Tesla Model X 2018 is a long car with a 360-degree reversing camera that makes it very easy to park. A turning circle is quite large (12.4 meters), and gears are on a steering wheel, so this car does 3-point turns as a breeze.

How does it look?

Tesla looks front, giant, and windscreen because it extends all the way to front row seats and it has the best sunroof with shading on its top. You will get enough natural light without nay harsh sunshine in the eyes. The outside of the car is curved, sleek, and looks perfect. However, there’s neither huge company logo nor enormous grille on its front. The design is quite elegant and understated, so you realize that you’re in a luxury car only when you’re inside. Pay attention to buttery leather seats because they stay heated all the way back in addition to a leather covered dash, entire door, and steering wheel that makes Model X a dream car to touch and look at. All seats are extremely comfortable.

tesla model x

How spacious is it?

There is a lot of space in front seats, legroom, and airspace in every seat. Everything is airy and light because of a giant windscreen. The 2nd row is very spacious, so you can stand up inside this car when all back doors are open. If you require another child seat in the middle, you will have enough space for that. A boot is quite large too, and it’s enough to fit everything you need. The underfloor storage is deep and large.

How easy it is for everyday use?

Wing doors are fabulous, and special controls allow you to simply touch a button to lock back passengers, which is convenient for drivers with children. There are special sensors, so doors open only where it’s safe when parking. The driver’s door opens on approach if you have a key in your hand, and it’s a nice feature, while all the other doors open with a key. It’s also possible to close and open them with a touchscreen. The front storage is well-designed for 4 cup holders and a place to throw your phone, keys, and other things. Model X has 2 cup holders in other rows and storage in front doors. It’s worth mentioning that there’s no spare tyre because it adds weight and reduce range.

What about the tech?

A 17-inch touchscreen controls the entire car and does everything, from the radio, air conditions, introducing entertaining points, and setting different suspension levels to closing and opening all doors. All you need to do is to download a special Tesla app that connects to your car and allows you to remotely do different things, such as turning the air conditioning. There are regular updates and new driving features.

How safe is it?

According to Tesla, it’s the safest SUV. There are 12 airbags, including side curtain airbags, knew and head front airbags, seat-mounted side and door-mounted airbags. The battery weight and a car bottom prevent unwanted rollovers.



  1. Up to a 295-mile driving range
  2. Quick acceleration
  3. Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system


  1. Falcon wing doors can be troublesome
  2. Cannot mount a roof rack
  3. Monopost seats do not fold

New for 2018

Currently, like the Model S, the Model X has three variants, the 75D, 100D, and the range-topping P100D. The 75 and 90 variants are no longer offered. Tesla recently lowered the starting price of the Model X.

Vehicle Summary

The Model X is currently the electric automaker’s only crossover, with the compact Model Y crossover on the way. The Model X has a higher starting price than the Model S sedan and has a lower driving range.


The 75D is currently the Model X’s base model and comes with an EPA-rated driving range of 238 miles (all range figures refer to 2017 EPA ratings) thanks to a 75 kWh battery pack that powers front and rear-mounted electric motors (all-wheel drive) that produce a combined total of 518 hp. The 100D’s 100 kWh battery pack powers more powerful front and rear-mounted electric motors and comes with a driving range of 295 miles. The P100D variant utilizes the same battery pack as the 100D but power is increased to 680 hp and 791 lb-ft of torque and the driving range slightly decrease to 289 miles (2017). All Teslas use a one-speed transmission. To give you an idea of charging time, charging time for 150 miles of driving range using a 75 kWh home wall charger will take about five hours and about three hours using a 100 kWh home wall charger. A Tesla Supercharger will only take half an hour for 150 miles of driving range. In Motor Trend testing, the now discontinued Model X P90D hit 60 mph in a very quick 3.2 seconds and braked from 60 mph in an impressive 106 feet.

The Model X comes standard with air suspension with a 17.0-inch capacitive touchscreen with media connectivity, 14-way power adjustable and heated front seats, hand-wrapped microfiber and synthetic leather interior surfaces, GPS memory (for automatic ride height adjustment), a very large panoramic windshield, Falcon Wing doors, power liftgate, interior ambient lighting, heated front seats, a towing package, LED fog lights, LED taillights, power-folding and heated side view mirrors, and navigation with traffic information. A five-seat configuration is standard but a six- and seven-seat configurations are available. Opt for the Premium Upgrades package and your Model X will also come with a HEPA filtration system, a self-presenting front door, a custom audio system, satellite radio, heated seats for all passengers, a heated steering wheel, wiper blade defrosters, and heated washer nozzles. The Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability system (actually semi-autonomous) are additional available features.


The NHTSA gave the Model X the institution’s highest overall rating of five stars and received five stars in all categories (frontal crash, side crash, and rollover). The Model X comes standard with collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking systems and rotating LED headlights. The Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving Capability semi-autonomous driving systems can be considered safety features because they help drivers avoid accidents. The IIHS has yet to evaluate the Tesla Model X.

What We Think

In a First Test review of the 2016 Model X 75D, we said, “Bottom line: If you long for the daily sense of wonderment that can come from driving a futuristic pod that essentially does everything slightly differently from “normal” vehicles and if your SUV needs pretty much start and end with a high seating position and enough hood to distinguish you from the hordes of minivan drivers, then rest assured that a Model X 75D (or perhaps even a 60D) will absolutely deliver 90 percent of the everyday adventure you’d get from the top-performing Ludicrous models at a price that starts out $42,500 cheaper than a P90D with Ludicrous Speed upgrade. Just understand that with any Model X, you won’t be carrying big things, and you may occasionally be required to leave apology notes on the windshields of parked cars your doors have attacked.”

“In fact, say what you like about Tesla’s gimmicks, but the Model X, like its sedan sibling, is such a well-done piece of machinery that it makes you look at all other cars as if they’ve come straight out of the past. It’d be a better SUV without the falcon doors, the monopost seats, and the windshield, but as it sits now, the Model X is one hell of a people hauler. And at 3.2 seconds to 60, its ability to haul tail is anything but a gimmick,” we concluded in our First Test review of the 2016 Tesla Model X P90D.

Cool Fact

The Model X 100D weighs in at a hefty 5,421 pounds, has an even weight distribution of 50/50, and its air suspension provides up to 8.3 inches of ground clearance.


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