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Japan car manufacturer Toyota has unveiled its first production sedan of the fuel cell (FC) type – the Toyota Mirai 2015. The hydrogen-fueled car will enter the market under model name “Mirai,” which means “clear future” in Japanese. Toyota has been developing FC vehicles since the ’90s. The company’s first step in this direction was the conceptual crossover Toyota FCHV introduced back in 1997 and produced as a limited edition intended for leasing rather than selling.

As for the Toyota Mirai 2015, its heart is a 153 hp electric motor powered by a hydrogen-fueled converter. Once the fuel tank is filled to the hilt with gas under the pressure of 70 megapascals, the vehicle is able to travel 485 km without a refilling. A replenishment of the hydrogen reserve will take less than 5 minutes. The car picks up the 100 km/h speed in about 10 sec.

In Japan the first Toyota Mirai 2015 vehicles will be delivered to customers in April 2015 at a price of about 58,000 dollars. The US and European markets will see the innovative car in late summer 2015. A network of hydrogen filling stations will be created in the United States specifically for the Toyota Mirai 2015, with the first 12 refueling objects to be built by 2017. Americans can also purchase the car on credit to have free hydrogen refills for three years.

Automotive exerts say the Toyota Mirai 2015’s main competitor is Honda FCV; however, its production will start no sooner than in March 2016.

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