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Design of the external appearance of the car

Outside this five-door car is almost similar to the conceptual model iM-4, the debut show of which was last year at the auto show in Geneva. Even the attractive slits in the rear rack are there still. At first I want to note that the design of the exterior of the new item can be called extraordinary. What catches the eye first is fairly high ground clearance, which gives the impression that we are looking at a full-fledged crossover, even despite that the Japanese developers have positioned their new product as a solid hatchback. Nevertheless, even experienced drivers could not classify the Ignis 2017. It is easy to explain: some elements of appearance were borrowed from sports off-road cars. To simplify the situation for the car experts and the entire auto community, the Japanese experts created a new class – “New Multi Compact”. Generally speaking, the exterior of this new product will appeal to lovers of minimalist style, because the “body” of the car was made with a maximum of the integrity and has the minimum of individual elements. With confidence we can say that the main “chips” of the model are a massive bumper with a strong relief as well as the original disks for the wheels, giving the exterior an even more refined appearance. Thanks to all these features the exterior of the model is original and memorable, which will certainly appeal to all fans of this class.

Overall parameters of the Suzuki Ignis 2017

Speaking about the overall parameters of the car, it should be noted that at the moment there are no officially confirmed figures. Despite this, we can assume that the parameters of the new car will be similar to the parameters of the previous models of the manufacturer. Based on the above, we suppose that Ignis 2017 will have the following parameters: the length of new model will reach about 3,700 mm; the width of the car will be 1,700 mm; the height will be 1,600 mm. We suppose that the ground clearance will be 180 mm. By the way, it was the clearance that became the reason to compare Ignis 2017 with a variety of modern off-road models.

Features of the new car interior

Probably very few people will wonder that the interior of the car is made in minimalist style, which is a characteristic feature of all vehicles produced in Japan. However, different rational supplement of a new car fully compensate for a rather simple interior design. In particular, on the front console there is an attractive multifunction steering wheel, which is combined with a convenient instrument panel and the multimedia complex. Also, despite the simple decoration of the seats, implementation of the bright leather material makes the interior of the car presentable. Even the basic configuration of the car will have six airbags, a function of a road marking recognition, the system of frontal bump prevention, as well as the multimedia complex with modern navigation system and Apple CarPlay support.

Technical characteristics Suzuki Ignis 2017

At the moment there is almost no information about the technical equipment. The Japanese are in no hurry to disclose it. Presumably, the buyer will find gasoline engines under the hood. Speaking of the basic configuration of this model, the future owners of new car will have a 90-horsepower four-cylinder engine, with a fairly low torque. The company’s engineers took care of the racers, creating turbo modification of this model. This version has demonstrated excellent performance during the test drive of the model with manual transmission. It is necessary to add that the new product was developed on a new chassis of the company.

The price for a Suzuki Ignis 2017

Representatives of the Japanese brand say that the purchasing of an updated version of the model Ignis will start at the first half of 2017.
We still don’t know the price for the upgraded car, but most experts and analysts have little doubt that the cost of car will be in accordance with the middle level. Thus, it can be concluded that the model Ignis 2017 from Suzuki will be actively sold in the markets of Europe.

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