5 Stunning Bike Crash Statistics

To put downsides to bed, Yamaha launched the world to its cross-plane crankshaft fired four-pot in 2009. Delivering the torque of a twin and the power of a free-revving 4, Yamaha’s new R1 used an uneven firing sequence to bundle two engines in one. When Kawasaki Motor Co. worked with Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ aerospace and turbine divisions, what resulted was one of the quickest, strongest production motorcycles ever built. Sporting a 998cc inline-four-cylinder and the primary supercharger on a production motorcycle, the H2 makes as much as 210 horsepower and hits 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. To commemorate the partnership, the River Mark emblem, a badge reserved just for Kawasaki’s most historically essential motorcycles, adorns the H2 together with angular and aerodynamic bodywork.

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