Legacy Discontinued Autos

The drop-top Evoque is rather less scandalous in its genesis than the Murano CrossCabriolet for the rationale that first-generation Evoque was out there in two-door coupe kind. Still, Land Rover stays the one luxury brand in current memory to offer a fully-convertible SUV. Only a handful had been sold, with even the fixed-roof Evoque reverting to a four-door-only design for 2019. Over the years, there have been quite lots of sport-utility autos which have furrowed brows and stopped conversations lifeless as they rolled past most of the people. The FJ40 version of the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser has a worldwide status almost as lengthy and distinguished because the Land Rover Series I via III. Like the Wrangler that leads off our record, the Land Cruiser saved issues easy, however effective, when conquering new terrain from the Serengeti to the Mojave.

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