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Answers to Some FAQ about Email Marketing

When you look at email marketing, it may seem like a simple task. Howbeit, when you get your hands on it, you really would understand how much effort and statistical approach it requires.

Should I include email marketing in my marketing strategy?

Email marketing is still an effective way for any business to get in touch with their prospects directly.  

This is in contrast to the social media post where you post something on your social media page hoping for your fans to see it. 

In email marketing, you send your message directly to the prospect’s inbox, where there’s is a high probability of reading your letter.

And for any reason, even if they don’t open it, they would still see the subject lines and your brand name. 

Therefore you are directly communicating with your prospects in some of the other ways around.

Is it recommended to use an email extractor to find email addresses?

When you wish to build a quality email list, you can use an email extractor like,, etc., to find your prospects’ email addresses. incorporates big data and a machine-learning algorithm to locate the email address format of anyone on this planet.

Therefore, it is highly advised to opt-in an ideal email extractor to your marketing plan. You may start with the freemium package, where lets you find up to ten email formats every month.

Can I buy an email list from a third party? 

No. You should never buy data from any third party.

Because those lists would have the email addresses of random people who may or may not fall under your target segment.

Hence, sending emails to such an audience is of no use, as you would end up being marked as spam, or the click-through rate will be meager.

Many third parties would entice you to buy customer data from them, but you must resist that temptation. 

What is the best way to grow a subscriber list?

The best approach to grow your subscriber list is to offer your website visitors a lead magnet in exchange for their email addresses.

When your lead magnet adds value to your visitors, they will readily subscribe to your newsletter.

What makes a good lead magnet?

As mentioned in the previous question’s answer, a good lead magnet is any content that gives value to your potential audience. It could be a video, white paper, an eBook, a free webinar.

How can I ensure that my emails don’t get marked as spammy?

There are specific numbers of techniques that could be incorporated to avoid being marked as spam. Here are some;

  • Do not write all your content or any offer in caps.
  • Do not sound sales; instead, you should write your email content in a personalized way.
  • Do not send general content to all the prospects on your list.

Is it essential to segment my audience list?

Segmenting your email list is an amazing way to ensure offering a personalized experience to your prospects.

Hence, you must segment your audience list and curate content in accordance with a different segment.

How can I increase the CTR?

You should place a prominent call to action in your email as well as the landing page. 

Your CTA button should be simple, obvious, and should be placed somewhere on prominent spots. 

And it would be best if you labeled your CTA button precisely what you want them to do.

Final Thoughts

You can incorporate all these tips into your email marketing strategy t reap the desired result.