Each 12 months, over $30 billion in goods are stolen in the united states, making theft probably the most prolific crime in America. But one system prevents theft and counterfeiting using a patented software of microdots that type an indelible protect on an object. Originally used to guard casino chips, DataDots offers the least costly, handiest theft restoration and prevention system on the planet. All revenue participation programs can be found – together with retro/profit sharing, turn-key reinsurance, flexible investment programs, and so on. We have the expertise, the expertise, and the success to show it. Whether you’re a massive vendor group or a single level dealer, your compliance, lot management, reinsurance and F & I training are of the utmost significance to each member of our staff.

Our Price Added Providers

With terms as a lot as 96 months on any year, make or mannequin, we offer our dealership shoppers a retail contract product that creates a greater opportunity to close extra sales and generate larger grosses. The worth is normally based on the make, model, and situation of the automobile , what repairs or providers are coated, and how long the contract lasts. Pricing can range from a number of hundred dollars to several thousand. You also may have to pay a deductible each time your automobile is serviced or repaired. You don’t have to use the vendor for repairs or upkeep to maintain your guarantee in effect.

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