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Automotive Products. Replace your main bearing cap bolts with high-strength Stud Kits From TrackTech to increase engine life in the most demanding racing conditions!
The main studs place the main bearing cap safer than the bolt alone, which means less tendency of the cap to walk around and interfere with the mating surface.
The study also provides a more accurate and consistent clamping force because the fasteners do not twist when you install the torque wrench. The studs are only attached once (not each reconditions), which reduces the chance of damage to the female thread in the block.
Automotive Products.

Main studs

For performance or heavy-duty applications, the use of stud kits is preferable when possible over main cap bolts.
In instances where options are available.
Studs provide the ability to obtain a much more accurate torque value because studs do not rotate during tightening as bolts do.
Because the mast remains still during nut tightening, it stretches in one axis only, providing a much more even and accurate clamping force. In addition, because the use of piles results in less wear being applied to the beam threads it extends the threaded life of the beam during the service/rebuild period.
This is very important when handling alloy blocks.
The use of studs also makes fitting the main cap easier and contributes to the alignment of the main cap.
The chances of the play cap running are less likely because the stud remains stationary during cap clamping.

Advantages Studs

Another advantage of using studs is that you don’t have to worry about insufficient clamping loads as a bolt that is too long goes into the hole. The studs do not move, and the clamping load is achieved by tightening the nut.
Indeed, studs cannot be applied in all situations, due to the design of the components.
For example, a V-block engine intake manifold (depending on design) could place the fastener locations at opposite angles (where the bolt holes are in each corner of the inside edge).
Obviously, studs cannot be used in such cases, as you can never drop the intake manifold on an inclined stud. Studs, where possible, offer ease of installation and superior clamping uniformity.