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For higher adoption, EVs need to address points such as excessive price, poor battery, inadequate charging infrastructure, fleet electrification, in addition to powering renewable energy-based charging grids. These challenges, together with the necessity to deal with rising greenhouse gas emissions across the world, startups are engaged on electrification options. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles reduce the need for human drivers and look poised to transform on an everyday basis transportation. Fleets of AVs broaden the scope of last-mile deliveries, cut back downtime, and goal to make public transportation comparatively safer. For instance, by lowering accidents brought on because of driver fatigue or negligence.

Accenture, Faurecia And Affectiva Group

We’re integrating with CDK Global to create the business’s first omnichannel vehicle-buying course of with sellers at its heart. Accelerate pace to market with the New IT structure and technology-driven enterprise transformation. You’re in contact with different stakeholders like dealers, designers and product engineers.

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