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Don’t panic here’s the right way to lose your vehicle key

Don’t panic here’s the right way to lose your vehicle key. Everyone must have felt the loss of their keys, whether they are house keys, motorbikes, or car keys. visit to Overcome Lost Vehicle Keys. Losing an important object like a key is indeed an annoying thing, especially losing it at inappropriate times, for example when we want to attend an important event, it is not uncommon for most of us to naturally panic when we have to face such situations.

There are so many reasons we can lose a key, can forget where to store it, fall scattered, or it could be carried away by other people. Actually, this can be avoided if we can anticipate it in advance, as follows. Don’t panic here’s the right way to lose your vehicle key

1. Use a Backup Key

Like when storing vehicle (car) keys, it’s a good idea to always provide a spare key. The goal is of course to be able to help you when you accidentally lose or forget to put the main key that you use often. Also, make sure to keep the spare key in a safe place and only you will know about it.

2. Take advantage of the warranty

If the two keys, namely the main key and the spare key, are lost, it’s a good idea to immediately contact the dealer to get a warranty. This guarantee is very important to make it easier for you when using your vehicle, especially if you are faced with a lost vehicle key situation. So, before buying a used or new car, make sure the dealer also provides a warranty claim for your vehicle keys.

3. Duplicate the Key

If you don’t have a spare key and your vehicle dealer does not cover the warranty for the key, then another very easy way you can do is of course by making a duplicate key at a locksmith. Because even if the main key is lost, a trained locksmith can certainly make a duplicate key only with a special tool such as a needle that is stuck in the keyhole of your vehicle.

4. Car Insurance

The last way you can do is to claim insurance for your car. Since losing a vehicle key is included in car protection, you can be free from all replacement costs which are quite expensive. Especially if your car is a new type of car that not just any locksmith or dealer can make a spare key like your vehicle key.

5. Contact a locksmith

The last step that can be done in addition to the previous four steps is to contact a lock expert. You can do this when you are outside the house without carrying a spare key.

Those are the 5 best ways you can do when you lose your vehicle keys.