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Reasons Why Vehicle Engine Oil Must Be Changed Regularly

Immediately visit for regular oil changes and service so that your car’s performance is maintained.
Why is changing engine oil so important at proper time intervals? In general, for motorized vehicle users, be it a car or motorcycle, changing the vehicle’s engine oil is a very mandatory thing to do. Regular oil changes are carried out so that the vehicle engine is maintained and can provide good performance for the vehicle being used.

Because changing engine oil regularly is the most important routine vehicle maintenance. Regular or well-scheduled engine oil changes are very important to keep your car running properly. Changing the oil has a great chance of checking other areas of the vehicle as well. As a vehicle owner, maintaining a motorized vehicle is something that really needs to be done if you want the condition of your motorized vehicle to last a long time. But sometimes, motorists often forget to change the oil in accordance with the recommended provisions.

The function of engine oil itself is as a lubricant, as well as its performance, oil has the task of lubricating engine components so that when friction occurs between engine components, wear does not occur. Another function of engine oil is as a cleaner, the dirt on the engine will be filtered by the engine oil filter. Engine oil also functions as a rust inhibitor and coolant. In the rust prevention function, engine parts that have been lubricated by engine oil will automatically prevent rust from coming. Engine oil as a coolant also makes the engine that has been fed with oil not too hot and can cool the engine.

Then when you want to change the oil, you should not use any type of oil in motor vehicles. It is also highly recommended not to change the brand and type of oil so as not to damage the motor vehicle engine. Make sure to replace the oil with a recommended and trusted brand.

The need to change the oil regularly is also supported by other factors. For example, such as hot temperatures, the interaction of oil with air, and the last is water. Heat and air in the engine will affect the performance of the oil to decrease. The water factor in question is also water that comes by itself. When the condition of the vehicle is off and not in use, the temperature inside the engine will be as low as outside the engine, if left overnight there will be condensation which causes water to appear.

Therefore, if the engine oil is not changed regularly, it will cause the vehicle to no longer work properly, then the engine performance will decrease and eventually result in the engine dropping. So it should be as a vehicle user to pay attention and care for the engine as recommended.

Vehicle oil must be changed regularly, especially for vehicles used in big cities that are familiar with traffic jams. The reason is, if the vehicle continues to be used in such conditions, the quality of the oil will quickly decline.

When stuck the engine and oil continue to work as in normal circumstances. As a result, the oil mileage limit has not been reached, but the quality of the oil is reduced. At this point, it is worth changing the oil regularly.