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Why should you only use Harley-Davidson OEM parts?

It seems a little strange to ask this question. If you’re the lucky owner of a Harley-Davidson, you may think it’s crazy to use aftermarket replacement parts on your motorcycle. However, some people do. Using Harley-Davidson OEM parts to repair your motorcycle is important not only because of the quality and performance they offer, but also because they provide unique safety for you and your motorcycle. Remember, to keep your motorcycle running smoothly, you need the right parts. If you don’t use Harley-Davidson OEM parts you could get stranded in the middle of a ride to the mountains or worse, have an accident. Many people don’t take these factors into consideration when deciding to buy replacement parts.

Beware of the domino effect

Motorcycles are built from a combination of many parts. Each part has its own particular function but depends on others to function. If you don’t use Harley-Davidson OEM parts to repair your motorcycle, you could suffer from what’s called the “domino effect”. When you use a poor-quality replacement part, its poor performance causes damage to other parts. In other words, the replacement part you bought can end up damaging the other Harley-Davidson OEM parts on your motorcycle. Even though you only had to replace one part at first, you could end up replacing several. This is why it is very important to use genuine replacement parts. These parts are manufactured and tested to ensure a quality product.

Harley-Davidson OEM parts ensure you’ll have a smooth ride

There is nothing better than a trip to the beach or to the mountains on your iron horse. However, the joy of the trip can be dulled if you don’t use Harley-Davidson OEM parts. I assure you, you don’t want to cancel the trip you’ve been planning for weeks just because you made the bad decision to use replacement parts to repair your bike. It would be even worse if the trip is part of a special date. You will have very bad memories of this. Buying Harley-Davidson OEM parts ensures you’ll have miles of good experiences free of headaches. Life is meant to be enjoyed. But to do that, you’ll have to make the right choices. You know what to do the next time you need to repair your motorcycle. It’s up to you to fill your life with special trips aboard your beloved iron horse.