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Corporate Gift Hong Kong – Best Farewell Gift

The tradition when an office friend resigns or separates is to give a  corporate gift Hong Kong. You can give the gift because the coworker is a friend who has been with you for a long time. In this case, you can give a gift at an affordable but memorable price.

What are the Best Farewell Gift Hong Kong Corporate Gifts?

  1. Tea Set

You can give a Hong Kong corporate gift in the form of a tea set if your co-workers like to drink tea. A suitable gift to be chosen is a tea set, which is a complete tea brewing kettle along with a choice of his favorite tea.

This gift can be a memorable gift in the mind of the recipient. As for the tea, you can buy the original type of tea or tea that has been mixed. Varied teas are easier to find and have affordable prices.

Another alternative option is the herbal tea variant, which will make your co-workers sleep better and improve concentration.

  1. Coffee Maker

The next suitable farewell gift is a coffee maker. This Hong Kong corporate gift can be given as a form of farewell. You can give your co-workers a coffee mug, complete with hampers containing a portable coffee maker plus variations of the very popular coffee grounds.

If your colleague is a true coffee connoisseur, then you can provide an unforgettable variety of coffee grounds for your co-workers. You can vary between single-origin and unique house blends. Customize the gift to your coworker’s likes and hobbies.

  1. Hampers ATK

Unique and customized Hampers ATK is the perfect gift for a farewell. You can make a gift box containing essential office supplies such as a journal or planner. In addition, you can also insert sticky notes, paper clips, pencil cases, mini tote bags, scissors, staplers, and tumblers.

Give it the same theme and the same color. Also, adjust to the needs and preferences of your co-workers. You can also include a cable protector and a cable organizer for your office mate who likes the hassle of managing untidy cables under his desk.

  1. Back Pillow and Foot Hammock

You can provide a back pillow and a special foot hammock to support his legs under the table. This can be a special choice for people who work long hours at an office desk.

These two things will really help them to feel more comfortable and feel at home all day working in the office. You can also give an ostrich pillow as an option for friends who want to resign.

Because it can be used for a quick nap in the office right after lunch. This pillow is unique because it has holes on the two sides so you can put your hands in as support for your head.

  1. Batik Suit

The next gift is a batik suit, this gift is very suitable to be used as an option when parting. The gifts are batik suits, batik shirts, slightly luxurious batik fabrics for your closest co-workers. There are so many shops that sell batik suits for farewell gifts.