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What’s the Difference Between Concave and Convex Custom Wheels

Concave wheels are very popular. It is hard to believe they are only 10 years old. Legend has it that wheel designer and serial entrepreneur Jordan Swerdloff sketched out the first concave wheel on a napkin. It’s not hard to believe that Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was written in an envelope, and Rudolph Bannow sketched Bridgeport’s first milling machine from a paper bag. The first concave custom wheels, circa 2009, took the aftermarket market by storm. What is the difference between concave custom wheels and convex? And why are concave custom wheels so popular?


Concave wheels feature lines that curve inward. Convex wheels are curved outward.

Concave wheels have become so common that it is difficult to recall a time before they were. Don’t believe me? Take a look at wheels on cars of the past. You can find classic GTO’s, Mustangs, and Camaros with convex wheels on any Pinterest board. American Racing is known for aftermarket wheels for classics, and many of their wheels incorporate a convex design.


Concave or convex? Is it important? It does matter when it comes to style, durability, and appearance. Let’s dive deeper.

The front wheels are convex, while the rear dualies have concave. The front wheels do something that the rear wheels don’t. This is steering. The scrub radius of the front wheels is crucial, and you shouldn’t mess with it.

The back wheels will now be concave. This allows you to adjust the offset to accommodate banging brakes. (If you need a refresher on offset, review this guide to wheel terms and wheel anatomy.) You also have plenty of space for dually wheels with concave wheels.


So, you don’t drive a semi. I get it. You can drive a Ford dually. You can still use the same physics.

You can see the same application on the big rig. This means that your truck should be rigged the same as the big rigs. The convex wheels are for the front and the concave for the rear.

There are some very aggressive chrome wheels available for your ride. The concave wheel has the same y-spokes, but with a slight right-hand turn. Bridgeport’s CNC-milled accents are the cherry on top of this chrome cake. This is not for big rigs.


Concave may be the hottest trend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean convex isn’t possible. Contrary. Convex wheels have their place both on and off the road.

Convex wheels are made to withstand whatever the trail may throw at them. TIS keeps the same slight right-hand twist but gives the wheel a new spin. The black face looks great slinging mud and eating asphalt. You can choose from sizes 17”-20”, so you have plenty of space to move no matter what lift you use. You can also choose from the common 5 (we’re talking about you Jeep) or 6 bolt patterns.

Convex wheels can be used for offroading, but they are also great for everyday driving. American Racing is a big fan of convex wheels for streetcars. They are always open to new ways of using the classic convex wheel, no matter if it is for a classic car or a newer model.

The large center disc and outward-curving spokes are machine-finished and a perfect match for any trim or paint color. You can also use the offsets to remove large calipers without affecting the scrub radius.


Now that you are aware of the differences, how can you play? Is your current concave wave riding? Are you a concave rider? Do flat rim spokes get your going? Or, are you a convex classic? It’s as powerful and hearty as a GTO, with all the heartbeat of the Motor City that made it great.

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