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Maintenance of your machines

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you have your own company with its own machinery. You probably already know that this machinery is of crucial importance. Your business depends on it. Its maintenance is also extremely important. Without maintenance, your machines will decay, and your business will follow the same path. You don’t want this, but neither do we. Therefore, in this blog we will give you some tips on how to maintain your machines and about excavators painting.

Crane maintenance

The larger a machine is, the more maintenance it usually requires. Everything must be well lubricated, the bolts tightened and the machine must look good. A lick of paint always benefits the crane as well, make sure to let the crane painting be done once in a while. Anyway, make sure you do this maintenance regularly. A crane is always in operation and makes many hours. It is also subject to all kinds of weather conditions and has to carry a heavy ballast. To prevent wear and tear, preventive crane maintenance is essential and components such as steel cables, bearings and gears should be well lubricated with a good quality grease. Have it inspected once in a while. Crane inspections are designed to ensure the safety and operation of your crane. They measure any wear and identify maintenance needs. They also check whether the crane complies with current legislation and regulations. After this, a plan can be made for preventive maintenance, replacements and improvements, which includes a more detailed look at your crane. A coordinated programme will ensure more efficient and safer use of your crane.

Excavator maintenance

An excavator is also a widely used machine in the building industry, just like a crane. Because of this, we know that an excavator is also subject to a lot of wear and tear. It must complete the biggest and heaviest tasks, endure the worst weather and last a long time. If, for example, your paint is starting to peel off, look into excavator painting. The risk of damage and wear is therefore high. If minor damage remains unnoticed or ignored for too long, it can lead to a breakdown of your work vehicle. Your work will come to a halt and the repair costs can be high. To prevent this, regular inspection and proper maintenance are necessary. We are the right address for you.