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Simple Tips To Choose Great Tires

Buying great tires is not as easy as you might think. Most people these days simply choose the very first set they find, usually at a discount of some kind. Such an approach can only lead to huge problems. If you want to choose the very best tires, here are the best and the simplest tips anyone could offer.

Buying Original Equipment Or Not

It is always a very good idea to buy tires that are as similar as possible to what came with your car. This will improve handling and riding. Original equipment should always be preferred. In fact, this is the best option available when it comes to choosing the best possible tires for the car you drive. It is a guarantee you are going to have a perfect fit.

Read the owner’s manual to see what tires you need. If this is not available, you can always look online.

Tire Size

Look at the side door of the driver. There is a placard there where you can read to see the best tire size, those that fit perfectly on your car. As an example, you might see something like P215/65 R15. This shows you tire width, proper height when compared to width, and diameter. When you buy new tires, make sure the size matches.

With the information you get, you can look for the perfect tires on the internet. Every single retailer website will have the data listed. You just have to enter year, model, and make. This will allow you to quickly compare tire prices and read reviews.

Timing Counts

You should never wait until tires are way too worn. You want to start the shopping process before that. Look at your tires and see if they are in working condition. Do the same for your fleet if you run a business since you wouldn’t want to meet with a workers’ compensation lawyer because of your negligence.

A great way to test your tires is to use a penny. Insert it inside and check the level of the tread. When it is on top of the head of Lincoln, you have to be careful because tires are no longer safe. You have to buy new ones as soon as you can.

You can use the internet in order to research the exact tires you want. Then, you can even visit the brick-and-mortar shop if this is what you are interested in. Ordering tires online is also possible, of course.

Choosing The Right Tires For The Season

This is not that difficult to choose. Here is what you should know to make a good choice:

  • All-season tires – Very popular because you can simply leave them on the vehicle every day of the year. They have modest traction and grip.
  • Winter tires – These should only be used during the winter, they have more slits and deeper treads.
  • Summer tires – Usually, they are used for sports cars but are generally good during summer since they offer very good grip while on dry roads.