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Visit the United States by motorcycle – Best Routes

Have you ever imagined going to conquer the United States on a motorcycle? Discover the best trip you can make at least once in your life.

The United States on a motorcycle is a myth for many of us. Who hasn’t dreamed of riding outdoors on the handlebars of a Harley Davidson and doing miles? Choosing the best TripIt routes can be very helpful.

Motorcycle: the perfect solution for travel in the USA

A motorcycle trip to the USA is the perfect way to discover the country. The United States is the perfect playground for motorcycle travel. The roads are of excellent quality, uncluttered, and very wide. They offer the opportunity to walk without fear and at your own pace. The North American climate favors this type of travel accordingly. You can travel to the US in any season for a motorcycle trip.

Take note of our tips, but also luxury escapes reviews, about the areas to avoid depending on your departure dates. You can discover the USA from May to October, Florida, and Southern California during the winter.

US Motorcycle Tour: Explore the Most Beautiful Landscapes

Many motorcycle trips are available throughout the United States, from California to the West Coast to the East Coast, with trips to Florida via Louisiana, Mississippi. Discover dreamy landscapes between the Rocky Mountains, the Nevada desert, or national parks.

Explore famous American cities on your motorcycle:

  • New York;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Chicago;
  • New Orleans.

You can also choose less touristy stays such as Oregon, Colorado, and New Mexico with extended for those who leave at the beginning and end of the season on the West Coast of the USA, a change of scenery on the Hawaiian Islands by motorcycle or the coast.

Discover the legendary Route 66 on a motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycle travel in the US, we can’t help but think of Route 66. Over 3,800 km long and opened in 1926, this famous historic road connects Chicago to Santa Monica, north of Los Angeles, California.

Traveling on Route 66 on a motorcycle is a real discovery of the American way of life. You will discover many varied landscapes as you cross 8 states and a multitude of charming little villages.

The American West, a destination not to be missed on a motorcycle

A motorcycle trip to the United States also means discovering the great myths of the American West, a key destination for discovering the United States on two wheels.

We all know those grandiose landscapes that shine in the sunset in Monument Valley. Imagine crossing this stretch on the handlebars of a Harley-Davidson or an Indian. The motorcycle, synonymous with freedom, will immerse you in an atmosphere worthy of the amazing Wild West.

West Euro Bikes offers many ways to explore the wonders of the western United States from lazy Pacific Rim to arid desert trips such as:

  • Route 66;
  • Las Vegas;
  • Los Angeles and Hollywood;
  • San Francisco and the famous Golden Gate in California.